Music: December Song (2007)

Fifteen years ago, I lost the commitment of a woman who loved me well. She correctly saw that we were incompatible, and I am grateful that she pulled the plug on us, but I didn’t see it coming, and so it really hurt.

We had been close companions for three years. We’d travelled together, grown to know each other’s family, and had a special communion that was mutually beneficial.

In response to the blow, I wrote this on my acoustic guitar:

Well, here it comes, the rain that freezes, that drives us each indoors.
The house is cold, the warm communion is gone.
See, there she went, the one who loves me, the one who said she’d stay.
At night’s end, I’ve got my blankets to hold.

And then again the opposite of loving communion
There I am I wanted to be so damn alone
But here I am, the agony and stuck in illusion
December: do I continue to hope?

There was nothing that I could of done different
See I was me, and that was then
Yeah, I was me and that did not appeal
For long…

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