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Andrew Bendelow has been posting since 2009 on a variety of cultural and educational topics. Find links here to his most recent blogposts, and to db’s enterprises, his collected musical and visual art products, educational and cleaning services, and consultancies.

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Memoir: Clean-up man

My father was raised by a Scottish task-mistress who made him clean the house before he could have fun, and he passed along this mandate to me and my sisters: first you clean, then play. As a boy, I learned to sanitize toilets, scrub tubs, mop floors, wash dishes, and unlike most people, I loved…

Memoir: moments of freedom, part 1

For this post, “freedom” is the sense of agency one gets when freed from external constraints on one’s choices. This freedom from allows one the freedom to–to choose one’s course in a universe where “free will” is ultimately an illusion. Feeling free never lasts. It’s there for a moment that passes as soon as you…

Memoir: Where I’m From

I’m from the land of Duality, of black and white, good and evil, sinners and saints. The land of up or down, win or lose, and nothing in between.  For years, I saw life in zero-sum terms, and was therefore blinded to a full spectrum of experience. I received my first pair of split-vision lenses…

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