Hilarious, but oh, so wrong for school!

L.A. Comedian Greg EdwardsThug Notes is not safe for work, what with Sparky Sweets, Ph.D. (gangster literature professor) and his casual use of b-words and other profanities. But his notes are as accurate in their summaries as Cliffs’ or Spark’s and–perhaps for a lot of students–as helpful in their analyses of HS English books. And those who appreciate dialect humor–like a lot of English teachers I know–will find this series a consistent delight.

This segment, on Shelley’s Frankenstein, includes improbable lines such as:

“The result of Victor’s experiment is a busted-up monster so damn fugly that Victor wigs out and trucks it straight outta town.”

“Then the monster say Victor gotta build him a nappy woman-monster, that he gonna take to the wilds of South America, where they won’t bother nobody.”

“Just like that G’ed up titan [Prometheus], Victor jacks fire from the sky that not only be bringing a plague down on himself, but [on] err-y-body in the ‘hood.”

In the autodidactic self-directed web-ucation of the future, videos like Edwards’ may be important student resource bases. But where expression must be regulated, as in 2014 USA high school, Thug Notes will have to be read out of class.

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