Provocative claims vs. "no zeroes" policy

In many US schools, the traditional numerical grade scale has been changed so that the grade and motivation-killing zero is eliminated.

This piece on the “5 Biggest Pussifications of Schools” lists this grading policy as its number five coddler, responsible for creating pussilanimous, unprepared young adults.  Ian Fortey made me LoL with these politically incorrect claims about failing students:

Slack-ass slackers don’t hand in assignments on time because they probably don’t give a shit. That’s why they’re slackers. The school feels this is a behavioral issue and the students should be encouraged to improve, not given a self-esteem-shattering zero. You’ll notice this is the same way the rest of the world works. Remember how you can choose not to go to work for a week and your boss will ask if there’s a better time for you to do the work? Do you remember that? Do you? Hell no you don’t, and neither does anyone else.
If you fail in life, you fail. Arguably your corporate overlords should cut you some slack if you have the dengue fever, that shit’s cold. But they’re not going to pay you for shifts you missed and your job will be in jeopardy eventually, so maybe think about getting a Band-Aid and taking some ginseng or whatever.
If an assignment doesn’t even exist to be graded, logic dictates that it gets a zero. And that kid who got a zero earned it, so cut that “extra chances” shit out unless you want to give every kid who got an 80 a chance to earn an 85 with some extra time, or maybe the 90 kids could boost their grades to 95 with extra time. Maybe that teacher never needs to go home or stop working and can just live in the school, giving students extra chances like some kind of grade fairy. Or whatever.

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