Google should really send me a Cr48 if they want me to be fair to them

when I suggest purchasing thousands of netbooks. I don’t want to believe the stories of the Google Internet device‘s disfunctional trackpad and memory limitations, or its jerky scrolling you can read about at sites like this, this, and this. After all, I’m a happy Google app user, and would expect the same functionality in an important piece of hardware that bears the Google name.

And I do have a good track record with Google hardware. I was an early and contented adopter of the G1 cell phone.  So I’m pre-disposed to them.

But in my current course work I am charged with finding a solution to work in schools–the netbook (or “notebook”) I am looking for would need to be tough and ultra-functional, since it would be put into elementary and middle school kids’ hands. And especially with little kids, a tool has to be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Usage issues like the ones in my first paragraph would disqualify the Cr48.

However, if Google is the innovative, responsive company I believe it is, engineers are already working on the next iteration of the Cr48–with fixes on the beta.  So actually, Google, please send me one of those!

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