"Until the MAN comes along, let's get our LANs and WANs going…"

“…and keep people connected.” That’s the kind of tough and cool talk I’m able to engage in now that I’m in EDT 6205 at CUC, “Hardware and Software in Ed Tech.” I’m very much enjoying the simple training in acronym interpretation and troubleshooting systems. In a time of maddening political storms in the teaching profession, the focus on simple machines, who don’t argue, relaxes me.

And the professor, Faisal Sheikh, Ed.D., has a cogent, enthusiastic energy and presentation style (check out the fine presentation slide he sent out in advance of his lecture–smart man). His instruction keeps the heavy content-loads manageable.

Keeping people connected (with adequate bandwidth and signal) is a sine qua non of modern life in a democracy. This  tech-ed out class allows me to understand how it works, and engages me in realistic scenario based inquiry in collaborative groups. Thank you, CUC, for having such a straightforward and efficient class.

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