A look at what resulted from a writing assignment

in my English 11 classes. The “multi-structural narrative” assignment, while not directly tied into high-stakes testing, had the effect of causing these young adults to reflect on the complexity and themes of their lives; and it built community in a way the regular curriculum could not.

Insofar as it got them using multiple media to convey their narratives and strategizing about the best way to convey their feelings/messages, it most certainly did reinforce rhetoric skills that colleges want. And these ARE tested on the SAT and ACT.

3 responses to “A look at what resulted from a writing assignment”

  1. Hey, Drew, when I tried to play the accompanying video, I got a message that it was private. Can you check on that or send me a link? I'd love to see the projects.


  2. Thanks for pointing that out, Liz. I had to edit a few things, but it should be working now. Any feedback, as always, is highly valued.


  3. Yes, it is working now. Looks like a great variety of projects that really got them thinking!! Enjoyed the music, too.


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