A McCluhan moment: TEDxNYED

from Wikipedia

The medium and the message are converging in TEDxNYED today as talks are live-cast over the Internet and backchannel conversations flourish. For the most part, the message of this New York City-based Technology Entertainment and Design conference is that technology has made learning immediate, global and revolutionary.

The wonderful correspondence is in the way I learn these messages: through the new learning medium that is immediate, global and revolutionary. I may have woken up planning a local existence on a rainy Saturday, but through the live channel, I suddenly find myself in attendance at the most important American educational conference around, and I hardly knew of it two days ago!

With its companion pages and live chat box, i can search the minds of my fellow cyber-attendees, and explore the rich interconnections that each of them bring. Thus is learning networked, unbound in ways unprecedented. 

This way the Global Village!

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