Larry Ferlazzo's list: capturing a contentious year in US public ed

Larry Ferlazzo is an exciting new edu-blogger I’ve found via Twitter. He’s on Huffington Post now, and his end-of-year list  (“The best and worst of education news 2010”) is a fine compendium of the crazy year we in public education are almost through with.

On the positive side of the ledger, Ferlazzo cites the forces of reason and justice seen in Diane Ravitch’s writing during 2010, and in the proposed new generation of state assessments that Obama’s administration claims to support (let us see that these assessements are the sensitive, objective instruments needed to judge success in schools).
And on the downside for schools, he lists the PR damaging “Waiting for Superman” film, the proliferation of for-profit charter schools, dramatic reductions in state education budgets, and Arne Duncan’s Race to the Top, with its set of non-negotiable bribes, er, incentives for states. The discussion engendered by Larry’s piece is another wealth of negative educational events of  2010, a year when one commentator supposes that the vampire of corporate interests got its teeth in the neck of our body politic.  “Researcher” (screen name) had a rather scary read on the near future:

as corp america tactics come to our educationa­l systems this will hasten our race to third world status.
the rhees and gates need to be run out of town but they will not because americans have a love affair with capitalist agendas based on the profound ignorance of making every teacher in the top ten per cent of performanc­e. impossible goal but allows them to fire teachers with seniority at will.
the repubs will love both gates and the rhees because they will help them privatize education in america for corp profits and do to schools what the medical insurance has done to medical care. ie profits over people.
teachers hang on to your hats you are about to encounter corp america and its tactics of pay for performanc­e based on average mentality and seniority means nothing; in fact seniority can cost you your job as they can hire two to replace you for the same money.
the day will come when foreign workers from third world nations will come to teach the children and do adminstrat­ive work for very low wages and few benefits. ie enhance corp profits with cheap labor.
and some school administra­tive work will be done in third world nations like tech service work is done now.


Happy New Year, everyone!

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