"Does the social web kill genius?"

Paul Sutton’s unseen dangers of social media expresses the fear that

    • …language may suffer as we get more and more used to txt speak and fitting as much info as we can into as smaller number of characters as we can… are we losing the ability to ‘consider’? And more importantly, are we sacrificing individual IQ for ‘collective intelligence’? Don’t get me wrong, collective intelligence is extremely powerful. But where is the next Newton, Einstein or Hawking coming from? Does the social web kill genius?

Sutton suggests that our innovative powers may be “sacrificed” for the “collective intelligence” of the social network. If society’s innovative powers are diminished along with the rise of the social media, that would compromise society’s viability, since social problems demand creative solutions. 

A lack of creativity = too high a price to pay for whatever productivity gains can be found in an increasingly socially-mediated world.

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