"Learning Space of the future" preso

Here is a slideshow that accompanied my presentation last evening. It was pretty well received and my colleagues came up with similar features in their visions.

Among the commonalities:

  • each kid has a Personal Learning Device (PLD) with digital textbooks
  • year-round learning
  • ubiquitous video–surveillance and capturing the action for later retrieval
  • an end to standardized tests–adoption of digital portfolio assessments
  • massive professional development to get teachers up to date
  • dynamic, personalized assessments
  • business-school partnerships
  • outdoors learning–community-school activities
  • “blended learning” (a combination–any extent–of online with in-school learning)
  • chairs/stools on wheels
  • U-stations (three kids sit, a space between where a teacher can go when needed)
A great quotation attributed to John Dewey:  “If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our students of tomorrow.”

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