It's so easy to let people know what you're thinking now

Good or bad things happen to you? Let others know! The power of the crowd thereby grows, and we all benefit.

This 21st century truth was brought home to me when, after having a bad experience with a Holiday Inn, I sought out the corporate owners so that I might send a complaint letter. This is what we were doing in the 20th century, of course–letting the owners know what was wrong so they could take corrective action. But as I was seeking out the info I needed using the google search engine, I found that right alongside the information was a button saying “write a review.” I couldn’t resist. It was so easy, and prepared my statement for the bosses, who are still getting the complain letter. The only difference is that now everyone knows of my critique, and the effect of my communication may go far beyond what it could have in the 20th century.

Clay Shirkey was right:  bigger and more interconnected is different. And in this context, at least, different is better.

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