Stanford Prof: Video games teach leadership and collaboration

Especially the multi-user massive kind, such as World of Warcraft. People are looking to escape this world, but not its labors–hence the huge numbers of regular people (not just alienated adolescent boys) who are so engaged with the “game world” that they think nothing of paying $15 a month to study problems, create narratives, delegate roles, and carry out intricate collaborative projects.

Instead of just enjoying the community of 15 million other users spread across the globe, the WoW player can step up and, in a safe environment, craft his/her leadership skills. And among the lessons s/he learns in this informal online school of leadership:  in order for you to win, we must win. What’s the best way for that to happen?

If you ask me, that’s not a bad ethos as we start living 21st century-style.

The entire Washington Post Leadership video collection is available here.

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