Energized, and then enervated by my first collaborative IM session tonight

conducted via Skype. I actually made the beginner’s mistake of clicking on one of my colleagues names so as to open up a window and a video/audio connection. She expected to text with her three colleagues and now here was her t-shirt-ed fellow student showing up on her computer screen expecting collaboration. Weird for us both.

But the IM chat seemed sufficient–so much more immediate and effective than what our version of Blackboard offers. Although I haven’t found out where it’s archived, we had a productive session. As we chatted in real time we simultaneously joint edited the same google doc. Our session, which lasted over an hour, was mainly to clarify the assignment and to discuss how we could package it.

Even as I was experiencing it, I was excited by the new way in which we were communicating–it was exhilarating — as if I were an immigrant to a strange land I had wanted to visit–the land of virtual work and real-time collaboration. Having read and thought so much about it, I could hardly believe it was happening. and I am now feeling very enervated and ready for sleep.  Good night, virtual world!

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