So, maybe the secret to attracting followers is to not seek them?

This inspiring tale of the “Tech Junkies” at Bozeman High School in Montana provides an answer to the question that has made the straight-forward proponent of tech wondering:  “Why aren’t more people impressed with this cool new technology and collaborating with us?”

In short, the answer is, “Don’t seek them; just follow what you know is promising eventually, they will come to you.”

Like other progressive school districts, Bozeman has decided to pilot a program that instead of prohibiting smart phones actually uses them as communications tools in courses.  Their administrators–digital immigrants like me–are recognizing the obvious potential of co-opting the tool students are already using. From the Chronicle article:

Marilyn King, assistant superintendent for instruction, said she thinks Bozeman schools are ahead of others in Montana in opening up to new technologies, thanks to people who are passionate about the potential. 

“I do think we are leading the pack,” King said. “We see great potential for instructional uses.”

Now, perhaps if a midwestern, suburban Chicago district would recognize the potential of these devices, loosen up its policy, and allow a pilot program, the un-informed or resistant digital immigrant could see it and join the students, digital natives all.

photo courtesy of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle

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