The Ur-technology, the one we don't notice

is language, the means we use to communicate ideas with each other.

I’m going to go further, and state that language is necessary to fully develop any technology. The old cuneiform (depicted) was used to convey information useful for carrying out other tasks (technology). And it goes back to 34 centuries B.C., around the time homo sapiens were getting their tech on.
So if the most human and vital of all technologies is language, then why aren’t we all improving our literacies? At a minimum, we should be putting languages (and here you’d include the mathematical, musical, and aesthetic, along with the verbal), at the center of a curriculum.
When I begin my new school (inchoate as yet ), it will be a residential school with its own working farm and communications organs. And human languages will be a foundation, the necessary precursor to all other learning and technological development.
Let me know if you’d like to help me develop this new school for improving society.

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