"Long live rock!" sang the Who in 1972

when rock music was starting to take over the popular culture. Now, in 2009 as internet-based social networks are starting to take over the global culture, I want to sing “Long live the Web!” and champion the connected, cooperative future of mankind possible therein–socially-produced content and a collaborative spirit that transcends nationality and holds promise for world peace.

Yes, conservative curmudgeons, I know. This sounds like crazy “hippy talk,” hopelessly naive and dangerous like Barack’s recent speech to the UN General Assembly. But I’d rather light a candle and progress than stay static and real in the darkness.

It’s been this way with me for a while. Back in the early nineties, when i was on aol and checking out this internet thing, and it was my relationship with OLGA, more than anything else, that got me convicted me: this huge, invisible social network would be a powerful force in my personal growth and development. Not only did OLGA give me the chords and lyrics I wanted in one trip, it gave me access into a worldwide community of like minded others, who in this free reservoir were indirectly helping billions of people (when one thinks of the descendants of a musical act, it is infinite) and generating in users like me their first real appreciation of social capital

Today I stumbled on the Guitarguy site, and I feel a nostalgic appreciation for the social network of guitar enthusiasts I found in OLGA. Guitarguy has the same generous spirit and wry sense of humor found in the best musicians, who it might be said have always been pioneers in social networks (music is an inherently social act, isn’t it, and orchestras a social network?). So here’s a wikiness tip of the hat to Guitarguy, whose diligent devotion provides guys like me with the ability to create more social capital.

If you haven’t heard this yet, hear it now: social capital will save the planet.

Oh: one other awesome page that guides the ethical musician seeking to learn and grow his craft is Public domain music . Bravo, PD guys and Guitarguy! Keep us rockin’ now.

copyright free photo of Telecaster from Pics4Learning

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