Sure. We've saddled them with debts, environmental degradation, and other seemingly insoluble problems,

…but we’ve also given our children–the next generation of humans–some powerful means to learn, what has been called education 2.0. Good thing, since it may be the only way human civilization can get smart enough to solve the gi-normous problems we old folks are bequeathing them!

I’m talking again (having posted about ithere and here) about the amazing array of free, open courses that anyone with an internet connection can access. In a quick scan of the internet today, for instance, I found the following free tickets to the world’s best classrooms(and yes, “free” only for those with internet connection–currently about 20% of the planet’s humans. Being “wired” to the web is now a sine qua non of equal educational opportunity):

*the MIT open course-ware for high schoolers
*the OpenCulture site, an excellent portal into this brave new educational world
*the Academic Earth site, which brings together the world’s best educational videos–a precursor to
*, which may be the best collection of all
*and finally, here’s an excellent compendium with an idealistic purpose: “100 Awesome Open Courses for those who want to change the world”

So, OK, Johnny. We messed up big time for your generation. I hope you’ll forgive us. But more than that, I hope you’ll avail yourself of this valuable stuff–the only stuff that can possibly save us.

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