A 2.0 editorial comic?

Check out the “Surviving the world” blog, a static visual humor, like the old-fashioned kind, but new. A funny M.I.T. graduate named Dante Shepherd and his dog are responsible for it.

I see it as more morph-y 2.0 creation–perhaps an exciting new aesthetic beginning. I used to get this sort of humor in editorial cartoons, or other single panel comics, such as “The Far Side.” But with since 2.0 killed publishing, all a guy like Dante needs is a crappy camera, an internet connection, and a good old-fashioned point.

Dante is synthetically resourceful in his “episodes,” putting together in each one a satiric idea, a blackboard, chalk, nicely legible statements and scientific graphs/charts, and a “professor” who has a serious expression we remember straight out of Classroom 1.0. Maybe not LoL amusing, but pretty consistently interesting and witty.

Here is one more, on the arbitrariness of arbitrators in sports:

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