"Leveraging" myself in time of great change

It’s a blessing that I have the freedom to step back and choose which way I want to go at a time of amazing social change. What if I were locked into a job or an industry and couldn’t adapt to the technological change going on? I would be much less happy, I think.

I am very fortunate to have a somewhat informed view of what is happening in our culture and society. At a time in my life when I am both experienced enough to recognize it, and energetic enough to actually do something about it, I can make an informed choice for myself and my community.

I will be getting new graduate hours, and there are a few directions I could go. One is traditional–I might go back to teaching French (instead of paper-grading heavy English) if I were to get that master’s in French. Since I love French culture and literature, this would be a labor of love.That ad to the left is for one of my most vital French culture sources, RTL’s “Les Grosses Tetes,” a daily gabfest in which much of the news of the day, and a fair bit of proverbial wisdom, is delivered to an audience of millions. The French degree could also help with my demi-beau enterprise, in which I become a pop music star in the francophone world with my witty raps and incisive observations.

Another option is rather cutting edge–a master’s in Educational Technology, but I need to take a closer look at Concordia University of Chicago’s program before signing up. It could position me to work in a school or district-wide level with tech, instead of just a class-wide level. Since I already have an administrative certificate (Type 75 in Illinois), I could potentially step right into such a job.

A third option, and the one my district is supporting, is getting “National Board Certified” in teaching. This would satisfy my need for additional hours and the district’s need to gain ever-more qualified teachers.

So there are many points to consider. The thing is, communication, and thus education, is going electric. I want to be there to help it along so that our students get every advantage, and so that I can influence, even a bit, the direction things go.

So which path will I choose? Stay tuned to this space and find out, or better yet, comment back and tell me what you think, dear reader!

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