I don't want to get all "post hoc ergo proctor hoc" on ya',

but before I started dabbling in social media, my mac and I were pure online,  never visited by that digital social disease, “malware.” I was recently shocked to find that left on my computer by some unscrupulous information partner were a small herd of “trojan horses” meant to spy on me. The sign? Strange, ghostly pop-ups that hijacked my google docs. 

I feel like the guy who shows up at the doctor because he has this burning sensation down there… diseased, dirty. Icky.

But unlike that guy,  I have done nothing morally wrong, other than engage in what I presumed to be a civil social interaction in one of my social networks.  Now I’m like the guy thinking back to his last dates:  which one of those attractive and giving partners also gave me the dose? was it Ms. Facebook? or Miss Twitter? And whom now can I trust?

And if it was not through my social inter-course with those femmes connectives, perhaps it was some sleazy marketer/credit-card commandeer. Or, dare I say it? Perhaps  some quasi-governmental agency. Do I sound like Mel Gibson in his role as the Conspiracy theorist

Yes, alas, that’s what’s really been affected by this infection: my sense of trust, a grievous wound indeed, in a world increasingly supposed to collaborate with strange others;  to risk another characterization, it makes me feel a bit like that boy whose heart’s been broken by the first girl he’s really loved:  he’s stand-offish now at the dance.

My story has a happy ending, for now. Macscan software seems to have knocked it out, and after isolating and deleting the bad boys, and scrupulously changing my passwords, I feel a bit cleansed.  

So guys, be careful on those social networks. Maybe you should look but not touch?

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