When social media work, people get helped–Yes!

…but they also get hurt, the news reminds us.

In our promethean day, new technology displays both angelic and demonic faces. We humans should keep both in mind as we procede, lest we grow too relaxed or too stressed.

In the same week that scary new internet killers are reported, Harold “Digitalharold” Olejarz shares  a heart-warming instance of social networks doing new, more efficient social good.

Earlier this week the home of a family in our community burned to the ground. Two of the children in the family go to our school.

My principal wanted to organize a “House Shower” for the family so that community members and school staff could donate items to help the family through this crisis.

He organized a meeting of community members for this morning. Anticipating the need I spent last night setting up a Google Doc for the family’s wish list. This morning a list of items the family is in need of was posted to the Google Doc and an eBlast was sent out informing community members and faculty how to log onto the GDoc.

I am happy to report that just 4 or 5 hours after the eBlast was sent that community members have already committed to supplying over half of the items on the list. 

Google Docs made it easy to “get everybody on the same page.” What could have been an organizational nightmare turned into a Google Docs share fest. 

How about that? Improved speed and efficiency all around, but the direction of that firey powe determined by our deepest loves and fears, nothing technical about them.

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