Hey, American student: say hello to the majority of the world

via a web-based “text” that brings you closer to the rest of  humanity, now more than ever centered in cities. Unfortunately, unlike rationally planned cities like Chicago without a huge underclass, these places mostly house their humans in slums, an organic acretion of housing that satisfies immediate needs, if not sustainably.

Hey, American teacher, how’s about  a quick field trip with your kids to the third world? Take your kids to Mumbai or the Favellas of Brazil. Thanks to the folks at Magnum photo, there is a new way to let your kids encounter (and respond back t0) the way most of the world lives.  For kids like the spoiled suburbanites in my classes, this promises to be life-changing. While the site doesn’t give the awful smells and heat and disease of the slums, it gets your kids closer, and can inspire or guide students’ inquiry into real-world problems (and data sets).

What do you think? Would your kids go for this? How would you incorporate it into your curriculum?

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