Now that the feds have had it a while, maybe we'll let the schools play with it

Interesting news from the US federal digital frontier, where the CIA and its related agencies (NSA, Homeland Security, the FBI, ATF, etc.) have apparently been doing great things using the cutting edge of collaborative tools, according to an article in this week’s Time. Yes, it seems that the cleverest heads in the public sector have recognized and organically grown the best means of gathering and sharing across a large organization: the wiki. How about that? in today’s email comes this link to a Wired news video concerning an excellent new digital learning tool that the cleverest heads in the public sector have been using many years already to spy on people around the globe for military ends. Seems they’re talking about eventually letting the people at the end of the federal gravy train have it: the schools.

I suppose that when engaged in a vicious Darwinian struggle for survival (say, against an “Axis of Evil”), it is prudent to put one’s best tools and minds to work, not developing society’s future, but in maintaining its status quo. Or do you suppose there are other reasons behind our prioritizing public resources as we have?

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