We put leashes on our pets, so shouldn't we get tweets from our reps?

Gotta hand it to Iowa Sen. Chuck Grasssly, who is tweeting his way into transparency. Bravo! He leads by example, adopting the democratizing tool for speaking to and hearing from the vox populi

 As you can see in this post-stream (left), the senator is letting his followers in on significant meetings and his whereabouts, and he txts w th best of em. And he’s not just sending microbursts of info either, but directing the follower to his official site, where he expounds his opinions on legislation and invites their feedback, the essential part of good representative (republican) government
This is what connects the representative to his constituents ideally, and what holds him accountable and tethered, like a dog is to a leash. 
 The proof is in the numbers, and the senator currently has 6140 followers and 6141 people whom he follows. Oh wait… make that 6142! Let’s see if (as I suppose he will) the senator follows me back. I could be an Iowan, for all he knows.

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