Sure, you can lecture, but can you micro-lecture?

Without the heft and verbiage of long, one-way lectures, and with the portability of podcasts, a community college is using 80 second, digital summations, and the students are learning.

Nonetheless, it’s a different sort of learning than my generation knew. Information transfer, wheere the student has control of the rate/repetition frequency. As one of the users of the microlecture says,

…microlectures, which last from 60 seconds to three minutes, do little more than introduce key terms and concepts. In an online class on academic reading, for example, students learning about word construction listen to an 80-second microlecture that introduces word parts and explains that they have a bearing on the meaning of words…

Sounds rather minimal, doesn’t it? But for a student’s hands, that is the point, isn’t it?

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