More proof that online education will work

if you let it: this February 1st article describing the gains made by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Psych students over their peers attending traditional classes and labs.

It’s true now at the college level because, as Mary L. McNabb puts it in her 2006 book, Literacy Learning in Networked Classrooms, it was also true with these learners at the middle school level. She quotes Don Tapscott (1998) describing the active, self-directed school kids then who are today’s U of W-M students:

OK, you could not read that, but Tapscott said then that being online benefitted learners,and that kids who are were not online (on the wrong side of the digital divide) were “developmentally disadvantaged.”

We see in the successful U of W-M students some of the developmental advantages afforded by computer networks in education. Let’s get all of our students online already!

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