A memo from the bosses to their Commander-in-Chief

Readers of this blog know that I have been an active supporter of US President Barack Obama, and have heeded his call to reach outside my comfort zone and help “rebuild America.”

Well, two weeks ago, Barack emailed me asking that I host a “get-together” for folks to discuss the economic stimulus package currently being finalized in Washington D.C.. Barack asked us to decide how we–the American people–want him–our public servant–to prioritize spending and programs. Barack–or his people’s–web savoirfaire is impressive, reaching out to millions for hundreds of millions of dollars and who knows how many hours of free labor to get to the White House. So these electronic “grass roots” he’s activating are just more of the same democratic BO-mentum, wouldn’t you say?

Here, fellow human, for your consideration, a slightly altered copy of our memo to our Chief Executive:

Mr. President,

Here is the report of the Elmhurst Economic Recovery meeting held at , , Illinois on 7 February 2009.

Present were three citizens, Eileen, Terry, and Andrew, who, having supported your candidacy, now want to advise you regarding the economic recovery crisis before our nation.

We reached consensus in our top five concerns. They are:

1. “fixing” the economy
2. providing fair and sensible health care
3. rebuilding the nation’s energy, transportation, and communications infrastructure
4. re-designing and fully-funding education so that from preschool children to post-graduate scholars, citizens be allowed to fully develop their intellectual and creative potentials
5. imposing rationality in our foreign policies, so that we stay safe domestically and helpful partners in international progress

In particular, we want you to consider the following:

* “Fixing the economy” with infrastructure spending can put many Americans to work quickly, but also in the long term
* “Infrastructure spending” must include energy and environmental research and development; investing in innovation promises immediate and long term economic effects
* “Education” should be understood to mean serious investment in science and innovation AND support for arts education, which trains the imagination
* “Health Care” in the USA is both inefficient and inhumane
* We want you to continue being a “salesperson” for reforms that encourage volunteerism and sacrifice for the common good. Americans want to feel that their sacrifice is done for something noble.
* Please remind Americans that basic human needs should not be left to the private market–“socialized” health and education help everyone.
* We appreciate your efforts at transparency and interactivity such as this communication. Please keep it up.

Thank you, Mr. President.

So there it is. Perhaps, fellow human, you see something missing in our directive? Of course you do. Please, leave a comment here and my president, Barack Obama, will get your message.

Democratically and collaboratively yours,

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