Alright, who ain't collaboratin' here?

Administrators of all stripes could become more aware of their workforce if they were to encourage (or enforce?) micro-blogging among workers. At companies who twitter, etc., the collaborative gears are greased, and managers gain un-precedented insight into how their players are playing the game, as is expressed here:

…microblogs offer great potential… they could reveal whom is most in the know, which individuals are creating bridges between departments, and which people are connecting information within their own groups.

“Enterprises will see this as a tremendously valuable tool not just for employee collaboration but for gaining really deep insight into human-capital management…”

So in the workforce of tomorrow, new efficiencies will arise as humans do new sorts of tasks together. To borrow a line from McCarthy, borrowing from Yeats, tomorrow is “no country for old men,” who might be all too used to working by themselves.
Does that sound socialistic? Does valuing workers on their sharing in the overall enterprise not just make sense?
I look forward to what Obamanation looks like, but am hoping it uses 2.0 capabilities to free up a lot of under-valued capital sitting around at their screens, seemingly by themselves.

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