Just back from Google Teacher Academy

in their Manhattan office space, and before I sleep, let me record some impressions.

There is palpable excitement around a promising suite of apps from Google. Where’s the evil? The folks who ran it and the educators attending were spirited and capable. Where’s the evil? Some really great folks. And the huge office? Bright and busy and fun, just as i hoped.

I will need to do some professional development as part of my obligation–three different activities within the next year.

What might I do?

One idea is to implement Google’s “20%” approach to work–in the classroom. Simply put, the required work occupies eighty percent–this is the job description, the main task assigned to a person. With the remaining twenty percent of one’s time, however, one chooses a project to work on, using all of the resources possible.

Another is to leverage my growing competence in Google apps so that I can show fellow educators how to incorporate them.

Still another, to reach out to my own growing “personal learning network” and learn and grow as i socialize.

Doing just this much = endless benefits! No evil!

Thanks to Google, my school district, my supervisors, and my students for making my attendance possible. Good night now.

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