What a difference a few years makes!

It’s been that long since I taught sophomores. This time though, because the students were all born in the 90’s, i’m working with digital natives. And wow–these monkeys swing easily from their digital vines!

Today, for instance, as a follow-up to Oates’ Big Mouth and Ugly Girl, we began work on a gossip and rumors project–to communicate through visual and written means the detrimental effects of irresponsible speech have on high schoolers. Three options are given: a poster, a video, and a letter. And five years ago, with kids born in the 80s, most would have chosen the poster, and a few would have written.

Well today was very different (small sample, i know). Only one kid chose to write the letter. All the rest went visual, and the majority chose to make videos. I admired the way they quickly conceived and carried out these digital messages.

Our classroom Flip Video camera could only serve the needs of three learners. So the rest were allowed to get out their cam-phones (for the cam function only) and were able to begin shooting immediately. All of this in a shortened Wednesday schedule!

Dang, Digital Natives! You be doin’ it.

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